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Created in Binance chain

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Completely compatible with EVM

The first layer blockchain with the best performance and compatibility with EVM. Fully compatible with various EVM tools, the transaction processing speed is 35 times faster than EVM.

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Large user group

The number of daily active users ranks first in the blockchain list.But even at the peak period of EVM trading, the transaction cost is still low.

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Strong ecosystem

The top -level RPC nodes, wallets, blockchain explorators, data indexes and a large amount of funding support constitute a powerful ecosystem to support the blockchain.

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DAO Management

Optrust is managed by DAO. It is initiated and maintained by a group of technical old boys. All improvements will be voted by the community,The future of the community decides Optrust

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Diversified asset API

Support all popular tokens and can use the powerful Binance Bridge for bridge.Provide you with excellent combination opportunities.

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BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield is a decentralized storage infrastructure in the entire BNB Chain ecosystem. Users and DAPPs can create, store and exchange data with complete ownership, thereby forming a new data economy.

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Expand through BNB side chain

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Application exclusive

The side chain has an independent community governance and economic system, which can fully follow the development logic of the application.

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sustainable development

The BNB side chain is a high -performance blockchain, which has a large transaction volume per second and a low fuel cost.

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Main chain interoperability

While the project has the BNB side chain, it is also part of the broader BNB Chain ecosystem

Community values

BSC Aligned. Be a constructive member of the BSC community, with a commitment to making product improvements that further the ecosystem.With a powerful suite of Layer 2 scaling solutions, Optrust is shaping the future of BSC. Optrust technology makes it possible for projects to leverage BSC’s security to build next-gen apps.